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Grass Solutions’ Pet Premium system is the ultimate outdoor artificial grass solutions for pets, designed to provide a beautiful, low maintenance and odour free lawn all year round.  The system includes our Australian Made Pet Premium Turf, exclusive Pet Premium infill and handy odour eater sprays and cleaners.

Pet Friendly Synthetic Grass Include:

Choose Coolgrass 35mm, Summer Cool 30mm both grasses are made in Australia from Australian Made Yarn and contain the COOLplus cooling technology which reflects the suns UV rays reducing the temperature of your artificial grass.

Coolgrass 35mm “The Coolest Grass in Australia” – olive green with brown thatching with Heatblock cooling technology. Ideal for large open areas with no shade. 20% cooler than other synthetics.  It really does work!

Summer Cool 30mm using the same technology as its little brother, slightly shorter with a soft green blade and grey thatching.

Odour Eater Infills, Sprays and Cleaners Include:

SmellBGone Infill 15kg


SmellBGone 2 LTR Concentrate

SmellBGone 5 LTR Concentrate

What is the difference between the liquid and the infill products?

The SmellBgone infill is specifically designed for synthetic surfaces. It will remain in the synthetic surface providing longterm removal of urine odour. Generally, it will do so and not need re-application.

HOWEVER, if the existing situation is quite unbearable, we would recommend a strong treatment of SmellBgone liquid. The SmellBgone liquid is a product specifically formulated for use on synthetic and hard surfaces, it destroys the bacteria in urine.

SmellBgone liquid is designed for all surfaces such as paving, tiles, carpets, ideal for indoor as well as outdoor applications. It destroys the bacteria in pet urine disinfecting and deodorizing the surface. It will require re-application on a regular basis. It can be used as a complimentary product with the infill.