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SmellBGone Infill 15kg Bag

SmellBGone Infill 15kg Bag

What is it?

smellBgone is and organic mineral rock that will remove pet urine odour. It is a 100% Australian made product.

How does it work?

smellBgone is installed into the synthetic grass surface in the same way as sand is used now. The product will absorb and breakdown the ammonia in dog urine.

How do you apply this product?

smellBgone is applied as part of the installation process. Either replacing the silica sand or in conjunction with silica sand, depending upon required amount and pile height of the turf. It can also be retro-installed into existing synthetic

Can you use smellBgone on an existing synthetic surfaces? Simple answer is Yes. Although the smellBgone is not guaranteed to remove existing odours, its process is to remove fresh urine after installation. We have found that it generally will successfully do so. If the existing situation is quite unbearable, we would recommend a strong treatment of smellBgone liquid. The smellBgone liquid is a product specifically formulated for use on synthetic and hard surfaces, it destroys the bacteria in urine.

What is the difference between the liquid and the infill products?

The smellBgone infill is specifically designed for synthetic surfaces. It will remain in the synthetic surface giving longterm removal of urine odour. Generally, it will not need re-application.

smellBgone liquid is designed for all surfaces such as paving, tiles, carpets, ideal for indoor as well as outdoor applications. It destroys the bacteria in pet urine disinfecting and deodorising the surface. It will require re-application on a regular basis. It can be used as a complimentary product with the infill.

What are other benefits of smellBgone infill?

We thoroughly tested the effectiveness of the smellBgone Infill™ utilising the Acousto-scan laboratories to conduct industry standard testing. Acousto-scan are an accredited testing facility and have done works for: the AFL, CA, FIFA, FIH, WR, ISSS and the ITF. The test results proved the effectiveness of adding smellBgone Infill™ to synthetic grass surfaces. The testing showed that smellBgone provides an average cooling reduction of 15c to synthetic surfaces once combined with moisture. Rainfall, dew and irrigation can help keep your lawn cool for days, depending upon local conditions. The moisture creates a cooling effect via evaporation. Evaporating moisture removes heat from the turf.

Odours in synthetic grass and other surfaces are the result of two factors, ammonia in the urine of animals and the bacterial growth which occurs. smellBgone is comprised of a group of naturally occurring elements such as hydrated calcium, potassium and sodium aluminosilicates which absorbs the ammonia and prevents the bacteria growth if the affected area is untreated.

WHY USE smellBgone?
  1. Safe for children and pets
  2. 100% organic, is certifed by Australian Organic Limited
  3. Product of Australia
  4. Can be used as a synthetic grass infll product
  5. Controls the most offensive odours, doesn’t just mask the smell
  6. Will ‘cool’ your synthetic grass through absorbed water evaporating
  7. Doesn’t need to be reapplied, generally a one-time application
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  • smellBgone should be spread evenly over the affected area.  Using a stiff bristled hand broom or a power broom work the product into the turf.
  • The product can be applied during the initial installation of the synthetic grass or post installation as an odour problem arises.
  • Whilst smellBgone is safe for humans and pets, however it is recommended you use a dust mask to prevent inhalation of any dust particles. Also protective clothing and gloves are recommended.
  • smellBgone should give you many years of odour free synthetic grass, however in extreme cases or if not applied correctly you may need to re-apply.
  • small dogs 5-7 kg/m2
  • large dogs 10kg/m2
  • multiple Dogs 15kg/m2
  • If using as the only synthetic grass infll, consult the manufacturers recommended infll ratios. Generally for 35mm grass this is 12-15kg per m2 and 40mm grass 20-22kg per m2