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Royal Green 20 mm

Royal Green is a 20mm synthetic golf putting grass developed and manufactured here in Australia with HeatBlock Technology so 20% cooler than other synthetic grasses on a hot Summer’s day.   Non-directional textured artificial synthetic grass with realistic putting speed.

Royal Green 20mm. Is the professionals choice for synthetic golf greens. It is a completely new generation golf product, allows you to do everything you are able to do on a natural grass green.  Easy to contour and build in undulation and other design features.  It is also a great solution for Golf Clubs looking to rejuvenate greens, during dry or heavy wet periods. A cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to water restrictions and maintenance costs.

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Royal Green is a 20mm synthetic golf putting grass developed and manufactured here in Australia with HeatBlock Technology. Dark green in colour is 25% cooler than other synthetic grasses on a hot Summer’s day. Non-directional textured artificial synthetic grass with realistic putting speed.

  • Colour:              Dark Green
  • Pile Height:     20mm
  • Stitch Rate:     21mm per 100mm
  • Weight:            1980 gm/psm
  • Infill:                 Kilm Dried Sand 14kg/psm
  • Warranty:       8 years



This product comes with a 8 year manufacturer’s warranty protecting the consumer’s product against UV protection failure, manufacturer’s workmanship, primary and secondary backing failure, unreasonable product deterioration under normal usage circumstances. This warranty does not cover misuses, negligence, incorrect installation methods or use of non specified chemicals on the surface.

This product is made with a heavy metal free yarn which is protected against UV degradation and light fastness to meet the highest standards.

Beat the heat with HeatBlock™ Technology.

Scientifically proven HeatBlock™ Technology lowers rising temperatures by reflecting sunlight thus reducing heat build-up and emissivity. Heat build-up occurs in most materials when thermal energy from the sun’s rays hit the surface of an object. In the same way dark clothing absorbs more heat than light clothing, artificial grass can also hold in heat making it uncomfortable when it is hot outside.

Therefore, HeatBlock™ Technology incorporates infrared reflective pigments that help dissipate heat build-up and becomes up to 20% cooler than similar artificial grass products.

For a difference you can see…

HeatBlock™ Technology also adds a finish to each grass fibre that has less ‘shine’, is softer to touch and less abrasive than other artificial grasses for a more realistic look.



  1. Australian Industry Standard Roll Widths are 3.71 mts wide and sold by the lineal metre.
  2. If the area you intend to cover is wider than 3.71 mts, then you will need to join the grass.
  3. Remember, two or more rolls laid side by side MUST be laid in the same pile direction – and this will determine how much grass you need. This will generally be more than the m2 of the area as there will be wastage. Draw a diagram of the area to be covered (preferable to scale) and the quantity of grass can be easily calculated
  4. Assume you are covering an area of 7mts wide x 8mts long = 56m2
  5. Divide the total width of the area by 3.71mts to give you the number of runs. Example: 7mts ÷ 3.7 = 1.9 runs (round up to 2 runs of 3.7mts).
  6. Take the length of your area and multiply the number of runs. Eg: 8mts x 2 runs = 16 lin.mts. (x 3.7m = 58.56m2)


  1. Check manufacturer guidelines. EG; for Pro Lawn 25mm manufacturer recommends 5-7 kgs/psm of Silica Sand (kilm dried) per m2,
  2. Example: 56m2 x 7 = 392 kg of sand/25kg bags of sand = 16 bags.


  1. Take the total m2 of the area to be prepared and multiply by depth of base material (in this instance 100mm = .1)
  2. Ensure the root system has been entirely removed.
  3. Example: 56m2 x .1 = approximately 5.5 cubic mts. of base material.
  4. 80% of the total amount of base should be approximately 4.5 cubic mts of 20mm grade 3 rock. 
  5. Spread the base evenly,
  6. Set your levels for optimum flow to a drainage point or garden bed
  7. Screed your base and lightly compact.
  8. Then 10-20% of the base should 5mm FCR (fine crushed rock), 20% of 5.5 cubic mtrs is  approximately 1.1 cubic spread,
  9. Level off and screed your base.  Heavily compact, wet down.
  10. The end result should look like freshly poured concrete.  No protruding stones!!
DIY Brochure:

Click here to download the Grass Solutions DIY Installation & Maintenance Instructions brochure.


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