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Block Hopscotch

Block Hopscotch

Happy, Healthy, Hoppy Hopscotch

Legend has it that Hopscotch may have been created by the ancient Romans. They would wear full armour and play on a 30-meter long hopscotch course, to improve endurance. Our hopscotch mats aren’t that big, but they are still great for fitness and fun.

A Healthy game in a small space

Kids can benefit physically, mentally and socially from a simple game of hopscotch. The movement will help them with balance, strength and coordination.

Having to work out the correct hopping pathway teaches them to problem solve. And just by being involved with other kids, they learn important social skills

The Modern Hopscotch 110 x 270 long

This design on the right is available in the same size as the Blocks mat, making them the perfect pair for a playground. We have seen 3 of the same one side by side and they look terrific! If you want any suggestions about design for your space and a layout, just ask.

More ways to Hopscotch.

We have several different designs of hopscotch mats, including the Classic Aussie game, with the semi-circle at the top. We also stock a simple Blocks version and one using circles that we call Modern. 110 x 270 long


Why settle for just one? 

Many clients have put in several mats in one space.  If you would like to know more about our designs, please contact our office.



AUD $979.00

This product comes with an 8 year manufacturer’s warranty protecting the consumer’s product against UV protection failure, manufacturer’s workmanship, primary and secondary backing failure, unreasonable product deterioration under normal usage circumstances. The warranty does not cover misuses, negligence, incorrect installation methods or use of non-specified chemicals on the surface.

This product is made with a heavy metal free yarn which is protected against UV degradation and light fastness to meet the highest standards.

Industry Standard Roll Widths are 3.71 mts wide and sold by the lineal metre.

If the area you intend to cover is wider than 3.71 mts, then you will need to join the grass.

Remember, two or more rolls laid side by side MUST be laid in the same pile direction – and this will determine how much grass you need. This will generally be more than the m2 of the area as there will be wastage. Draw a diagram of the area to be covered (preferable to scale) and the quantity of grass can be easily calculated

Assume you are covering an area of 7mts wide x 8mts long = 56m2

Determining Idealgrass linear meters.

Divide the total width of the area by 3.71mts to give you the number of runs. Example: 7mts ÷ 3.7 = 1.9 runs (round up to 2 runs of 3.7mts).

Take the length of your area and multiply the number of runs.  Eg: 8mts x 2 runs = 16 lin.mts. (x 3.7m = 58.56m2)

Determining Infill Material

Check manufacturer guidelines.  EG; for Pro Lawn 25mm manufacturer recommends 10 kgs/psm of Silica Sand (kilm dried) per m2,Example: 56m2 x 10 = 560 kg of sand/25kg bags of sand = 27 bags.


Determining Base Material

Take the total m2 of the area to be prepared and multiply by depth of base material (in this instance 100mm = .1) Example: 56m2 x .1 = 5.6 cubic mts. of base material.

80% of the total amount of base should be 20mm grade 3 rock.  Spread, level set for optimum flow to drainage point, screed, lightly compacted.  

Then 10-20% of the base should 5mm FCR (fine crushed rock), spread, screed and heavily compacted, wet down.  The end result should look like freshly poured concrete.  No pertruding stones!!