Synthetic Cricket Pitch & Wicket Surfaces

Synthetic Cricket Pitch & Wicket Surfaces

Cricket is an iconic sport in Australia and the surface that it is played on is an integral part of the experience.

Continued research and development has created a new dimension for the cricketing community and Grass Solutions are able to offer a range of synthetic cricket pitch solutions that enjoy a first class reputation with the Australian cricket fraternity.

Wicket Requirements:

Our synthetic cricket pitch is available in widths of 1.85mts, 2.8mts, and 3.71mts and in lengths of 11mts, 15mts, 22mts, 30mts and 33mts, to suit your varying wicket requirements.


Shield 9mm is a high quality wicket recognised for councils, clubs and schools, offering a lively cricket pitch surface when new. Over time the surface will flatten to give a true bounce with an even pace.

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