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Installation Materials

Installation Materials

Installation Materials

For Golf,  Synthetic Grass Installation, Wet and Forget

Grass Solutions carry a great range of installation and sporting accessories.  Including putting cups, flags, poles, adhesive, tape, infill sand.

NEW TO RANGE – Comfort Climate!

Comfort Climate is a natural infill that provides cooling properties for use in synthetic grass.  Comfort Climate has no chemical additives and is derived from a natural mineral Zeolite.

Comfort Climate works by evaporative cooling.  It is able to absorb water through capillary action and slowly release it over time which cools the surface by up to 20% C.

A watered synthetic lawn will provide some cooling relief but temperatures can quickly rise again.  Infilling your artificial grass lawn with Comfort Climate allows the surface to sequester water and cool the surface for 1-2 days, depending on environmental conditions.

Infill rate is 2.0kg /m2 in addition to recommended sand infill.   Sold in 25kg Bags.

While Stocks Last – Get in Before Summer




Odours in synthetic grass and other surfaces are the result of two factors, ammonia in the urine of animals and the bacterial growth which occurs.

SmellBgone is comprised of a group of naturally occurring elements such as hydrated calcium, potassium and sodium aluminosilicates which absorbs the ammonia and prevents the bacteria growth if the affected area is untreated.

WHY USE smellBgone?

• Safe for children and pets
• 100% organic, is certified by Australian Organic Limited
• Product of Australia
• Can be used as a synthetic grass infill product
• Controls the most offensive odours, doesn’t just mask the smell
• Will ‘cool’ your synthetic grass through absorbed water evaporating
• Doesn’t need to be reapplied, generally a one-time application.

SmellBgone should give you many years of odour free synthetic grass, however in extreme cases or if not applied correctly you may need to re-apply.

Small dogs 5-7kg per m2, large dogs 10kg per m2, 15kg per m2.

If using as the only synthetic grass infll, consult the manufacturers recommended infll ratios. Generally for 35mm grass this is 12-15kg per m2 and 40mm grass 20-22kg per m2.

Ask us about our off cut list!

You can buy off cuts in all shapes and sizes IDEAL for Dog Kennels, Door Mats, Caravan Annex, Boats and practically any-where. Prices range from $10-$20 per square metre. Off Cuts vary from .5 wide to  1m wide.