Synthetic Grass for Multi-Sport

Synthetic Grass for Multi-Sport


Whether you have a small playground area or need to resurface an existing basketball court or indoor gym in synthetic grass, Grass Solutions can provide a comprehensive range of synthetic grasses to suit every sporting application. Pile heights range from 10mm to 65mm, majority FIFA standard with a built in slip resistance additive to the yarn.

The multi-sport surfaces are made-to-order with integrated line marking in kit format to reduce impact on seaming. We supply synthetic grass for tennis court, football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, handball, hopscotch, track and field – just to name a few!

Prograss 'Play ON' Multi-Purpose synthetic grass is the economical choice for high quality sporting applications. 'Play ON' can convert a dry and dusty play area into a bright and inviting multi sport facility. 

Play ON contains unique additives that enable the yarn to meet FIFA requirements for vertical deformation, natural ball roll and low abrasiveness, reducing the potential for injuries in wet or dry conditions, particularly during falls and slides. The result is a natural-looking sports surface that's highly durable, yet soft on players.

Surfaces suitable for SOCCER, tennis, basketball, netball include:

  • Court Turf PE -is a 19mm synthetic grass. Designed for a medium paced tennis court surface that responds to the natural spin of the ball and provides additional slide for the player on the court. It comes with International Tennis Accreditation.
  • Court Turf PE Dual Backed19mm artificial grass that is one step above the rest, with the added attribute of double backing and a high stitch rate makes it an ideal choice for busy tennis courts clubs, schools and commercial centres.
  • 'Play ON': 40mm artifical turf using either rubber or sand infill. White and Yellow line marking. Ideal for soccer fields and multi-purpose playgrounds.
  • Pro Leisure is a 15mm synthetic grass.:A short pile product that is a durable performer for indoor or crossfit gyms requiring a suitable surface for cross training, boot camp and weighted sleigh activities.
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