Synthetic Grass For Home & Business

Synthetic Grass For Home & Business

IDEAL for Landscape, Kindergartens, School & Commercial Applications


Idealgrass is our range of synthetic grass for residential and landscaping applications.  Idealgrass comes in a range of colours, textures and pile height.  We find that our Clients often select the grass most suitable for their application based on their existing environment colours, budget or need. Ie; style of home, colour of foliage or edging, digging dogs, high traffic areas, suitability for cars, children’s play area or for aesthetic reasons.

Idealgrass is easily laid on a range of existing surfaces including pavers, brickwork or concrete slab. Ideal in converting the tired concrete courtyard into a children's play area or an unused veranda to an outdoor lounge. Grass Solutions has over 39 synthetic grass types to choose from we will have one that best suits your application.

Idealgrass is extremely tough and durable. It has been developed and manufactured in Australia to meet the tough climatic conditions, considered to be some of the harshest on the planet. Given its sturdy make, it is the first choice for people looking for synthetic lawns in Melbourne.

Correct base work preparation is essential when replacing tired lawn areas. With years of experience in installing synthetic lawns in Melbourne, the Grass Solution’s team will provide expert advice on the correct installation procedures to achieve a perfect result every time.

DIY Brochure:

Click here to download the Prograss DIY Installation & Maintenance Instructions brochure.

Grass Solutions carries the following Idealgrass Range:

  • Pro Lawn  35 - 35mm pile height with soft brown thatching.  Our landscapers 'choice' or 'go to product'. 
  • Pro Lawn Gold 37mm- 37mm pile height - green buffalo blades with gold thatch  
  • Lush 40mm - 40mm pile - green buffalo in colour, so thick and soft you want to roll it yourself!
  • Pro Luxe 40mm -  thick lush pile with a beige fleck in the thatching!
  • Cool Grass - 35mm  olive green with brown thatch with Heatblock cooling technology.   


"The coolest grass in Australia"

Beat the heat with HeatBlock™ Technology. 

Scientifically proven HeatBlock™ Technology lowers rising temperatures by reflecting sunlight thus reducing heat build-up and emissivity. Heat build-up occurs in most materials when thermal energy from the sun's rays hit the surface of an object. In the same way dark clothing absorbs more heat than light clothing, artificial grass can also hold in heat making it uncomfortable when it is hot outside. 

Therefore, HeatBlock™ Technology incorporates infrared reflective pigments that help dissipate heat build-up and becomes up to 20% cooler than similar artificial grass products. 

For a difference you can see...

HeatBlock™ Technology also adds a finish to each grass fibre that has less 'shine', is softer to touch and less abrasive than other artificial grasses for a more realistic look.

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