Golf Putting Greens - Supreme Green

Golf Putting Greens - Supreme Green

PGS Supergreen ... the future in golf greens!

PGS Supergreen is a revolutionary Australian synthetic turf that provides tournament standard chipping and putting performance.  It is a world-first in yarn technology designed specifically for golf and was developed by Prograss. Charlie Earp being on the Australian design team, openly endorses this product.

 A solution for Golf Clubs looking to rejuvenate greens, during dry or heavy wet periods.

 Appealing to the serious golfer allows you to both chip on to the green from 100m and putts extremely well, having a non-directional pile making it easy for the ball to move across. 

PGS Supergreen has minimal sand infill,  allowing the system to be shaped to any design, building in sand bunkers, water hazards and other features to be incorporated in the overall design.  

In addition, nore emphasis is placed on the base works to absorb the energy of the shot allowing it to check up and run naturally. In fact, everything you are able to do on a natural grass green can be done on Supergreen.

'Virtually maintenance free – looks good for years with enhanced performance'

golf green grassPGS Supergreen is totally different from the long pile grass with a high sand content. These greens can look good initially but eventually harden up and lose the ability to act like a natural green. Because the product in these greens is not a non-directional surface they require constant rolling and maintenance to maintain an even putting surface. 

 With a 10 year warranty, PGS Supergreen is the cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to water restrictions and maintenance costs.

PGS Supergreen is part of the Australian Made Campaign

PGS Nylon XL- Tee

A Solution for Golf Clubs looking to rejuvenate tees, driving ranges, during dry or heavy wet periods.

golf putting greens for backyardThe Nylon XL-Tee is a 50mm pile height nylon composition product that requires no infill.  The Tee grass is adhered to a 20mm rubber composition shock pad which is turn is laid over the compacted sub base. 

  • XL Tee turf system helps clubs to rest  heavily used areas during dry or heavy wet periods
  • Allows players to place regular golf tees directly into the hitting surface, providing a very natural feel. In addition, does not leave fibre residue on the base of the clubs.
  • XL Tee fibres have undergone a texturising process during manufacture to provide non directional look while the nylon memory keeps the synthetic turf system standing upright, even after periods of crushing.

Recommended products for golf greens include: 

  • PGS Supergreen – 20 mm  Natural Green- Exclusive to Prograss.  australian-made
  • Kingston Green - 12mm Natural Green - ideal for putting applications only
  • Idealgrass - 50mm or 37mm Surrounds - Exclusive to Prograss.  australian-made
  • PGS XL Tee - 50mm - Exclusive to Prograss.


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