Artificial Grass and Softfall for Childcare and ELC

Artificial Grass and Softfall for Childcare and ELC

Playground Solutions:

Prograss Playground synthetic grass and softfall systems are designed to withstand tough Australian conditions and to provide a clean, comfortable and safe environment for children.

Prograss 'Playground' is engineered to provide comfort and to minimise risks to children. It is made to look good, feel good underfoot and to last many, many years.  Prograss Softfall systems comply with Australian Safety Standards ASNZ 4422-1996 and is the sensible alternative to organic substances that can cause infections and harbour insects.

The consistency and safety features of Kindylawn and softfall make them the preferred choice of local government authorities and private operators throughout Australia!

Using a combination of standard 19mm pile height and lush longer pile products provides a realistic and attractive playground.

Softfall System:

Our Shockpad Underlay system use a patent 70/30 ratio hybrid mix of 4 rubber buffings and granulated expanded polystyrene beads. The hybrid underlay reduces rebound velocity and energy waves after impact. Absorbing kinetic energy that would normally be dissipated by a child’s bones.

100% rubber underlay are more elastic allowing greater bounce velocity on impact. Greater bounce velocities are the result of high elasticity and low energy absorption. High elasticity is undesirable in playground under surfacing, because high impulse forces can break bones.

Softfall pads come in 1m2 pads with thickness ranging from 15mm to 50mm. Softfall thickness is determined by the critical fall height of the playground equipment. The pads are often placed under the grass surface in keeping with the overall playground appearance.

Recommended Products:

  • Playground synthetic grass - 19mm standard sand infill synthetic grass. Optional colours are green, yellow, rust, red, navy blue
  • Idealgrass Range - 37mm or 50mm.
  • Prograss Softfall System - come in 1m2 pads for use under synthetic turf . Optional heights are 20mm, 30mm, 40mm heights. Your selection would be determined by the recommended criticial fall height of the playstation.


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